Conflict may not be fun but it does not have to be traumatic! This workshop will build a bridge between Karen Horney’s description of three interpersonal trends, which reflects Enneagram dynamics, and Thomas-Kilmann’s Conflict Mode Model. The basis of Horney’s 3 ways of coping mirrors the basic mechanism of defense in the animal kingdom: submission, fight, and flight. The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model adds two additional dynamics of cooperation and assertiveness needed to constructively manage conflict. Horney’s model provides the doorway to Thomas-Kilmann’s Conflict Model. By merging the two you will walk away with 5 competencies and 10 behaviors that will better equip you to create a peace-filled universe.

Judith M. O’Connor, M.Ed., B.S., 2 Certifications in Spiritual Direction and Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Oral Tradition (EPT Program) 2000. . Bruce M. Anderson, MBA, BA, Certifications in the Birkman Method and Myers Briggs . Both are Master Certified Coaches by International Coach Federation; Owners of Thinking Partners, Inc. TM A Leadership Coaching Company, www.thiningpartners.com. They jointly presented at International Enneagram Conference 2002: Building a Powerful Coaching Practice.

Judith M. O’Connor
Bruce M. Anderson


2003 IEA Global Conference

Santa Monica, California, USA