A serious Buddhist naturally asks of the Enneagram,”What sort of understanding and practice is this? What does it contribute to the end of suffering? Will this help me penetrate the illusion of `self ‘ in order to let go of `I’ and `mine’? Is this a path in itself or merely a supplement?”

To explore these questions, I will first summarize classic Buddhist teachings on “Right Understanding” and descriptions of the “Middle Way” that can be used to assess how the Enneagram matches up as a spiritual system. Then I will consider how well the Enneagram fulfills crucial aspects of “Path” as understood in Buddhism. I hope participants will end the presentation with a clearer understanding of the Enneagram in their spiritual lives, including aspects it may not be able to provide. Prior knowledge of Buddhism is not required. A handout outlining relevant Buddhist teachings will be provided. There will be time for questions. We will begin with a short meditation with breathing. Santikaro teaches Buddhism, meditation, and the Enneagram through Liberation Park in Oak Park, IL. He leads meditation retreats worldwide and he is the guiding teacher of the Thai Enneagram Association.



2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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