Family Systems insights offer effective ways to mine the unconscious to empower personal growth. Family Systems approaches are among many therapeutic models that interface richly with the Enneagram. In this workshop participants are invited to learn about Family Systems using a genogram, or a family of origin map, with an emphasis on the structural teachings of Murray Bowen. His theory offers insights about how we are given both gifts and anxieties by our family of origin. Paradoxically, remaining stuck in emotional difficulty often represents an unconscious effort to reconcile something from a previous generation. Taking this view sheds subtle, and sometimes dramatic, light on blind spots. This invites greater personal freedom.

We will ask a participant to volunteer for a demonstration of this work. The process of how multi-generational patterns are transmitted can be seen and felt when this material is shared in a healing community. Systems work is complemented by both the personality and transpersonal insights of the Enneagram. Through group brainstorming and personal type insights, we will employ the unique knowledge of IEA participants to enrich the material.

John Reynolds and Carolyn Bartlett, are both Licensed Clinical Social Workers, each with 25+ years experience. John specializes in men’s issues and body-based trauma treatment. Carolyn practices individual and family therapy using eclectic approaches. She is the author of the Enneagram Field Guide: Notes on Using the Enneagram in Counseling, Therapy and Personal Growth.

Carolyn Bartlett
John Reynolds


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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