What is the purpose of working with personality in the spiritual context? Am I using the Enneagram to create another kind of identity, or just to identify myself with Type? As a Type do I have an integral picture of myself, or just a partial and incomplete description? Am I using this map to reframe the same conditioned and limited way I perceive the world, people, and myself? Or am I using it to develop and evolve psychologically and spiritually?

In the Integral Approach you are the whole Enneagram, not just a Type. To integrate the whole map within is the aim of any consciousness-raising tool that can be called integral – you evolve as far as you recognize the nine points within and embody the higher aspects and qualities of all points.You are going to look at your own type from a new perspective and your relating with the other eight types will be an inspiring source of integration.You are going to explore the distinction between ego, type, and personality, type and point, evolved and fixated type, false and authentic self, pre- and post- modern spirituality, and the purpose of the Enneagram in an evolutionary spirituality.

A. Racily has been a teacher, trainer, therapist and counselor in South America since 1989 and in Europe since 1998. She specializes in the Spiritual Approach – Essence and Evolution: understanding spiritual development as a human evolutionary imperative. Racily has been a staff member at the Meditation Academy in Pune, India, for the past 14 years, designing and supervising the courses and trainings, based on different Eastern traditions including Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Taoism, and Vedanta. She is currently involved with a growing network of integral visionaries, including Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Don Beck, Brian Swimme, Duane Elgin, and Ervin Laslo.

Many of her courses are not only type-based. Racily likes to position the entire Enneagram map on a single individual, on different subjects, on various spiritual perspectives and traditions, and on the spiritual search. This way of working presents the Enneagram not just as a type-based map but also as a magnificent tool that can be applied to the totality of human experience.

A. Racily

A. Racily


2006 IEA Global Conference

Chicago, Illinois, USA