This workshop is designed to bring us into right relationship with the disowned parts of ourselves and reintegrate and utilize those parts to know and experience our wholeness.

Using the Enneagram, creativity, and body-awareness, participants will recognize the projections that color their opinions of others and self, and identify, take into the light, and begin to accept the things about themselves that they disown, feel ashamed of, and even hate. These hated aspects may include anger, pride, envy, greed, lust, shame, laziness, etc. We will then reframe our experience of these parts, understand how they have served us and protected us, how they naturally arise in our human field and Enneagram type-circuitry, and then five them a new job description.

Ruth Landis M.A., O.M., CBPT, CHT is a Body-Psychotherapist utilizing body/mind techniques, creativity, energy-work, spirituality and the Enneagram. Her work is highly experiential. She is in private practice, conducts workshops, consults on presentation and communication skills, and coaches for corporate clients and performing artists. She is a professional actor, writer, and director, and has worked extensively in theatre, radio, TV, and film. Ms. Landis was a presenter at the 2006 IEA conference.

Ruthie Landis


2007 IEA Global Conference

Redwood City, California, USA

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