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The Enneagram and the MBTI

July 31, 2008   2008 IEA Global Conference, No Media   


What have been some theories and empirical research regarding the relationships among Jung’s types as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Enneagram types? What have we thought? And what have we found? Does 9 really go into 8? or 16? It doesn’t appear that we can forecast one type from another but there are some congenial, if not predictive, correlations. And there are some useful comparisons between the Enneagram’s core and stress points and MBTI preferences.

This is an advanced workshop intended for those who know both their Enneagram style and Myers-Briggs type. In addition to some input, we’ll hear from panels of attendees on how Jungian types and Enneatypes interact in individual lives. We’ll also see if there are any relationships among MBTI preferences and Enneagram subtypes.

This workshop will involve input, panel reflections, and questions for the panel from the audience.


1. Participants will learn theories and some representative research about the relationships among Jung’s psychological types as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the nine Enneagram styles.

2. Participants will learn and reflect on the relationship between MBTI preferences and Enneagram core and stress points.

3. Participants will hear from representatives of the Enneagram styles how Enneatypes and MBTI types interact in their personal lives.

4. Participants will discover correlations that may exist between MBTI preferences and Enneagram subtypes.

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Jerry Wagner


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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