Noticing in rudimentary ways that there is movement throughout the heavens has in turn moved human beings to build ancient structure after ancient structure (i.e. Stonehenge) to track this movement for the sake of understanding seasons and rituals, the confluence of outer and inner rhythms.

All of this movement and rhythm continues to emerge over millions of years within the epic development of consciousness. This consciousness continues to emerge and now includes the perspective of an everexpanding universe first noticed by Hubble and Einstein in the 1940s and resplendently confirmed more recently by the Hubble telescope.

Indeed, the universe is stunningly dynamic and has been expanding rapidly since the beginning of time. The Enneagram, a Hubble telescope of the interior life, traces and observes how we are in sync with the expanding nature of all things or how we contract away from it.

Humanity’s growing inner awareness is the ever-expanding ancestor of an ever-expanding physical universe. Indeed, these expansions are not metaphors for one another, but are the same expansion. The nine essence energies confirm we are made of the same timeless, expansive materials and spirit developing all things, both material and immaterial.

Curt Spear, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Cincinnati, OH. He is on staff at TriHealth Hospitals’ Integrative Health and Medicine Department where he consults, lectures, and has developed the educational series Consciousness and Healing. Dr. Spear is Enneagram certified by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

Curt Spear


2008 IEA Global Conference

Atlanta, Georgia, USA