Maitri, in addition to being the author’s last name, is a Buddhist term for loving kindness for oneself, the prerequisite of compassion of others.

While reading Sandra Maitri’s latest book, The Enneagram of Passions and Virtues, I have come up against my own mental constructs, self-representations, and beliefs that bind me to my ego identity, and again, I realize how I suffer through the fixations of the ego personality and the attendant passions. Gratefully, I also know that when I live from the virtues and the holy ideas that my life works. As a student of inner transformation, I have come to embrace the truth that is contained within these pages. With the realization of that truth I, as Maitri does throughout the book, must return again and again to having loving kindness for myself on this journey. This review is a love letter to the universe as experienced through Maitri’s writing…

Ron Esposito
Sandra Maitri


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