EnneaMotion is an experiential approach that helps us embody the strengths of all personality styles. It repatterns the brain and creates new neural pathways throughout the body. New pathways are new patterns to new, healthier behaviors. This increases our choices: responding like a Two, Four, Six, Eight, etc. Having more choices in our emotional vocabulary is the foundation of increasing emotional intelligence.

Somatic Focusing translates our shadows — our fixated, ineffective or disturbing patterns — into movement. By working through the body, the shadow is transformed into something that can be used as an antidote, or remedy. The next time the disturbing pattern starts to arise, there is something very tangible that can be used to turn it around so we can think, feel and respond differently.

This somatic (using the body in a way that promotes wholeness and access to spirit) approach balances our thinking, feeling and action centers, increases our ability to be open to wholeness, happiness and joy, and ultimately increases our spiritual capacity.

Andrea Isaacs has been on the cutting edge in the field of emotional intelligence since 1994 when she created EnneaMotion. She’s been teaching with Riso-Hudson since 1995, was co-founding editor/publisher of the Enneagram Monthly, and conducts EnneaMotion programs internationally. She lives at Sunrise Ranch, a spiritual community in Colorado.

Andrea Isaacs


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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