One in one hundred American adults is incarcerated. Though we know through the Enneagram that our personality creates a prison of our own making, ironically, as a society we collectively dismiss these human beings, and in so doing participate in an incredible waste of human potential. Diane Pendola and Susan Olesek share a passion for teaching the Enneagram as a means to transform a pattern of destruction and suffering with those who have been written off. In this session they share the profoundly moving manner in which working with the incarcerated reveals our own interconnectednesss with this forgotten population. People who have previously disregarded their own personal promise remind us of the Enneagram’s staggering capacity to resurrect self-belief, leveling the field of humanity and vicariously freeing each of us from the tiny cells in which we live.

Diane Pendola is the author of The Lioness Tale and the creator of the innovative use of the Enneagram through The Lioness Tale Prison Project. She brings 30 years of contemplative practice, her pastoral ministry working with the incarcerated, and dedication to personal and societal transformation to her Enneagram teaching.

Susan Olesek has been immersed in the field of Enneagram studies for the last twelve years. Certified in ESNT, Susan brings a lively compassion to her instruction, and is driven by a passionate conviction that anyone brave enough to take an honest look at themselves is fully deserving of the liberation that comes from knowing the Enneagram. She demonstrates a wholehearted, tender regard for the human spirit.

Susan Olesek
Diane Pendola


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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