As everyone is aware, we are constantly bombarded with more and more information–although we usually have no way to make sense of things or to see relationships among elements. The ever-mounting cascade of data does not usually result in real understanding of what is happening, much less of having true insight. We need a way to get above the flood of data to see broader, more meaningful, perspectives.

In this informal but stimulating talk, Joyce Stenstrom will present the Nine Domains (as defined and developed by Don Riso of The Enneagram Institute). Joyce will teach the basic concepts of the Nine Domains and demonstrate their usefulness in a wide range of applications: in business, art, politics, and other areas of human endeavor.

Joyce will demonstrate how the Nine Domains can be used as a highly versatile “organizing principle” to account for what elements are missing and which are present. The result is learning to use the Enneagram to see “wholes,” and to think systemically. This is an eye-opening presentation, even to those who already have a background in the Enneagram.

Joyce Stenstrom is a consultant in ergonomics, an artist, and a student of philosophy and consciousness. For the past several years, she has also worked closely with Don Riso developing materials for The Enneagram Institute.

Joyce Stenstrom


2011 IEA Global Conference

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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