Why does a song seem “cool” to me? What specific song gets me in the mood for love, to sing, to dance or dream? What is the difference between a good song and a “terrific” one? This is all related to the deep motivations, ideas, and needs of my own Ennea-type.

Being in contact with my deepest “me,” I find certain music, rhythm, wording, or the complete message appealing. By going deeply into this daily component of my life, I discover myself. Based on great hits by great performers or singers, we will enjoy a journey of self knowing, identifying ennea-songs for each type.

Felipe Rodriguez is a Mexican Psychologist who specialized for more than 20 years in Human Resources and focused on personnel development and human relations. He is now living in Bogota, Colombia, is a poet and writer, and the father of 2 kids. He is always looking for new ways to fill life with music and color.

Felipe Cejudo Rodriguez


2012 IEA Global Conference

Long Beach, California, USA

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