Imagine the form of the Enneagram projected onto a gridded crossword space — an “Enneagram Crucigram”

The result is a (roughly) circular puzzle, with 9 vertex points (gray squares): clockwise from top: 9, 1, 2, …. Black squares trace an inner 3-6-9 triangle.

The puzzle’s theme: a typical name for each Enneagram type begins/ends at (or near) its point; a corresponding bold “#” clue indicates its starting location. Other words — some from psychology and philosophy — fill out the structure.

Like the enneagram, clues might lead to different answers.

Enjoy another way to experience the mystery of the Enneagram — while improving your crossword skills! (Solution at the bottom)




Dr. Stephen Weyer has researched and developed programming languages, education environments, electronic books, AI applications, and mobile web software. He’s now enjoying a permanent sabbatical in southern Oregon, hiking, teaching, solving crosswords, … — and exploring the Enneagram with appropriate enabling technologies.

For an online puzzle and more about Steve: http://communicrossings.com/enneagram