Learn how to use Tritype as a model for personal growth. Discover what each Enneagram Type revealed they need to feel supported in a therapeutic setting. Avoid common mistakes coaches and therapists can make with each Type and Tritype. Learn how Micro Expressions communicate more hidden strategies of the 9 Enneagram Types. Based on 18 years of research, this presentation will cover what each of the 9 Enneagram types reported they need to feel validated, affirmed and understood. Attendees will learn how to distinguish between one’s Self-Image and one’s Type, Tritype and Instinct. as well as how to help one develop the critical self-awareness needed to support change and transformation. We will explore the subtle ways to work with the core fears of the Types within Tritype. We will examine the way in which the 9 Enneagram Types manifest the 7 Primary Emotions of anger, contempt, disgust, sadness, fear, surprise and happiness. This is an interactive, multi-media presentation. In addition to the research, there will be panels of exemplars to explore the nuances of the research findings.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre, co-founder of Enneagram Explorations and Fauvre Research is an internationally recognized teacher, coach and researcher. Katherine’s innovative work has made her a leader in the Enneagram world. She works with businesses, families, couples and individuals. She is a former member of the Board of Directors of the IEA and is a certified teacher with Palmer-Daniels, Riso-Hudson and Hurley-Donson.

Katherine Chernick Fauvre


2013 IEA Global Conference

Denver, Colorado, USA

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