One of the most consistent pieces of feedback from last year’s conference in Denver was how much people appreciated having the Board Members more available throughout the three days. We have decided to take this on board and extend our exposure, individually and collectively, in two ways.

First, we shall have a designated area in the foyer area of the hotel throughout the conference staffed at most times by at least one Member of the Board. There will also be set times when the appropriate Board Member will be available to discuss specific topics such as Accreditation, Affiliates and Chapters, and Publications. Please drop by, ask us about the IEA and make suggestions; we are all part of this organization.

Second, in preparation for July, and for those of you who won’t be able to attend this year’s conference, I’ll be posting a series of interviews with each Board Member over the next few months so that you can get to know them better, find out their areas of responsibility, and a little of their Enneagram journey.

Having worked with most of them for several years, I can say that they are an incredibly talented bunch of people who dedicate a lot of time and energy to help the IEA in fulfilling its purpose.

So, in no particular order, Meet the Board …

Board, Jan 2014