Lynda Roberts 2What is your name?

Lynda Roberts

Where were you born?

Atlanta, Georgia (USA)

Where do you live?

Decatur, Georgia (USA)

What do you do?

My work continues to evolve in the direction of teaching and facilitating Enneagram-related workshops and trainings, although I continue to do a bit of business and project management consulting and teaching. As a faculty member of The Enneagram Institute, I teach EI Certification Program trainings and workshops, as well as Enneagram Institute Authorized Workshops. I’m also on the faculty of the Deep Coaching Institute and teach in the DCI Certification Program. In addition, I lead Enneagram-related leadership programs and other customized workshops.

What is your role of the IEA Board?

President-Elect, Chair of the Nominating Committee, Knowledge Management

Tell us a little about what you do on the Board

I’ve served on the IEA Board since 2010 in several different roles, including Secretary in 2012 and Treasurer in 2013. In my “Knowledge Management” role, I work with the other Task Groups to ensure that the IEA’s operational processes are defined and documented for sustainability of the organization. In my 2014 role as President-Elect, I chair the Nominating Committee which makes recommendations to the Board regarding new Board members and other non-board positions. I’m also working closely with Maria Jose, the current IEA President, to help ensure a smooth transition of leadership next year.

Why are you involved with the IEA Board?

First, there is the question of why I’m involved in the IEA itself. The answer to that is pretty simply that I enjoy being a part of an international community of people who work with and are interested in the Enneagram and its many applications. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that the IEA provides to connect with and learn from so many other Enneagram professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world and from the various Enneagram schools. My IEA connections and friendships are a special part of my life these days.

I serve on the IEA Board primarily because I want to see this organization continue to grow and thrive and to continue to provide the “coming together” opportunities. I believe in, and am very committed to the IEA’s purpose of helping its members thrive by providing opportunities for Education, Excellence, and Engagement. I very much enjoy working with the other board members who are extremely talented and committed to the IEA and its mission as well as to their own work with the Enneagram.

What was your first experience of the Enneagram?

In the early 2000’s, with my Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and over twenty years of experience in the management ranks of a large IT organization, I was consulting and teaching management and leadership professional development programs. The Enneagram began to show up on my radar screen in the form of various people asking me if I had heard of it. A friend loaned me tapes of Richard Rohr teaching the Enneagram and I was intrigued. Next for me was reading “Wisdom of the Enneagram” and with that I was truly hooked. I continued to read and explore on my own for the next two to three years but knew that there was more for me to know and understand than I could get from the books and tapes and that there was Enneagram training in my future.

Tell us a little about who you have trained with.

In February of 2005, I officially began my formal Enneagram training by attending The Enneagram Institute’s Part I Training with Don and Russ. Not knowing exactly where it would lead, I signed on for Part II and Part III and pretty much everything else that the EI was offering. I learned about the IEA and attended my first conference (and every one since) where I had a grand time experiencing other wonderful Enneagram teachers. I went on to complete The Enneagram Institute’s certification program as well as the EI’s Authorized Workshop Program. I was delighted and honored when invited by Don and Russ to join the EI’s Faculty Training Program, through which my learning and training continued. Now as an EI faculty member, my own learning continues with each training and workshop that I facilitate and teach.

What is your most useful/interesting/amusing/compelling use of the Enneagram?

When I first began learning about the Enneagram, I initially thought that my primary focus would be on how I might integrate the Enneagram into the management and leadership programs I was already teaching in the early 2000’s. What I discovered, however, was that my first and primary focus needed to be on using the Enneagram for my own self-awareness and development. With each Enneagram training session I attended, I found myself wanting more – like peeling an onion and experiencing deeper and deeper layers of insights and awareness. While I genuinely appreciate the value of the various applications of the Enneagram, I believe that ultimately, THE most compelling use of the Enneagram is as a tool for awakening the intelligence of our deepest nature as human beings.

What do the words “Engagement”, “Education” and “Excellence” mean to you?

Engagement = Community (and we DO need community); Education = Continued learning (a lifelong process); Excellence = Providing real value (ethically and professionally)

 How do you see the future of the Enneagram?

From where I sit it seems that the number of people knowing about and using the Enneagram is growing exponentially. I expect this to continue and I’m hopeful about that prospect!

How do you see the future of the IEA?

I see the IEA continuing to grow and mature as a healthy and vibrant community of Enneagram professionals and enthusiasts. My vision is a community in which there is mutual respect, appreciation, and support for each other, the Enneagram work that we are all doing in the world, and the positive impact that work is having.