Grant, KathrynWhat is your name?

Kathryn Grant

Where were you born?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Where do you live?

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

What do you do?

I have a rather eclectic assortment of things I do. I am primarily an Enneagram teacher. I teach workshops, retreats and facilitate study groups and offer individual consulting in specific enneagram areas. I also use the Enneagram in my private practice as a coach and/or spiritual director.

In addition, I assist a friend with her lead generation business – lots of time on the phone and many good anecdotes.

I read almost constantly and knit while I read. Soon I will offer some of my knit items at a local boutique. Some of my efforts appear as auction donations at Conference.

I hang out with my daughter and granddaughter at horse shows – polishing boots, helping folks with buttons, holding horses and generally rooting for everyone’s success.

What is your role of the IEA Board?

I have served as Conference Chair for the 2012 and 2013 Conferences and am pleased to serve in that role for 2014.

Tell us a little about what you do on the Board

Conference Chair is a multi-task, multi-demand sort of job – suits me perfectly. In conjunction with Sandy Hatmaker, the IEA Administrator, I get to plan the program and scheduling, festivities: receptions and parties at the conference. An additional part of my job is to organize and oversee the presentation proposal process. In this I have support from the Board members and our peers. I am especially pleased with the way the proposal process is progressing – becoming more professional every year.

It is an interesting and rewarding part of this role, to interact with the presenters and the attendees. Planning and idea implementation come easily for me – it is the details which are a challenge for me and I am grateful for Sandy and her wonderful staff.

Why are you involved with the IEA Board?

When I was originally approached to serve as Conference Chair, I felt a bit intimidated but as I had many ideas to bring to the Conference, I accepted. I stay because I can serve the members of the Association by bringing my talents and energy to creating superb Conferences – therefore assisting us all as we work together to understand and utilize the Enneagram in our lives and in our work.

What was your first experience of the Enneagram?

In 1994, a dear friend tricked me into attending a 4 day intensive Enneagram workshop. I was immediately hooked – knowing that “everyone” should know about this. It took me time to realize and absorb that it was primary that I know and be changed by working with the Enneagram, deeply.

Tell us a little about who you have trained with

In 1997, I completed Jerry Wagner’s certification course. Last year, I repeated the training to refresh my skills and understandings and to make sure that Jerry still had it right. I have taken numerous weekend or one day workshops from Jerry, Russ, David Daniels, Tom Condon, Helen Palmer… I dislike starting a list like this as I am sure I will leave someone out. I have also taken Mario Sikora’s training. I feel as if I have a very good grounding in the understanding and application of the Enneagram and touch into the work of all of these folks, and others when I teach. I also read voraciously and have a large collection of ennea-books which serve as reference and keep me company while knitting.

What is your most useful/interesting/amusing/compelling use of the Enneagram?

As I am a natural storyteller, I find the combination of tales, fables, myths and real life stories enhance and collaborate with Enneagram wisdom. Using stories of all kinds keeps the Enneagram alive and personal for me and for my students.

My granddaughter has begun to show interest in learning about what I do. She is reading about the enneagram and happily typing all of her fourth grade friends – yikes. She also is playing with the various energies and type descriptions which she feels apply to her. I feel sure that we will have many ennea-discussions as the years proceed – and consequently even more good stories. That will prove to be amusing and compelling, I am sure.

How do you see the future of the Enneagram?

I see the future of the Enneagram as walking the line between mystic and scientific: a very necessary aspect to our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

How do you see the future of the IEA?

I am very excited to be a part of the growing numbers of people served by the IEA. Nine Points is a tremendous tool for all of us to connect with enthusiasts and professionals in 85 countries – and the number of readers increases daily. I see the future of the IEA to be maintaining an open and appreciative arena for Enneagram folks to connect, share ideas and be mutually supported by each other. The Global Conference is a very large piece of this effort as are the many regional conferences that are being held around the world. I am pleased to contribute in the way that I do.