WEDThe IEA has been organizing World Enneagram Day for several years. It is a day dedicated to promoting the Enneagram around the world and the aim is to raise awareness of this powerful model. In the past, many different types of events have been held on, or around the day. Some teachers and groups have offered free Enneagram workshops to people in their communities who would normally have the resources to attend such events, while others have used the day as an opportunity to focus on practices that promote the IEA’s message of “Engagement, Education, & Excellence”.

May 24On 24 May 2014 we would like to encourage individuals and groups around the world to think about what they might do to cultivate an awareness of the Enneagram and how to introduce it to your community however small. There are many things being planned for this year including:

• Free Enneagram courses to people who usually do not have access to courses for personal growth

• Free Enneagram workshops in schools, universities, and community centers

• Articles about the Enneagram as a tool for improving relationships in your Affiliate/Chapter newsletters, on Nine Points Magazine, Social Media or Blogs

• Media interviews about World Enneagram Day

Please send reports and photos of your activities to Nine Points after 24 May and share these with the rest of the Ennneagram community and visit the website to find out what has been happening elsewhere …

Isa SalamaWarmly,

Isabel Salama

World Enneagram Day coordinator

IEA Board member