Sandra Maitri unfolded the concept of the Enneagram points of integration representing our “Soulchild”. Unfortunately we can not jump there because our inner child has never been allowed to develop Tsultrim Allione unfolded the concept of “Feeding The Demons” based on Buddhist psychology. Those “demons” seem to represent our point of desintegration.

Anne-Maria Gallen and I have worked with both concepts in a Christian context by using the Christian sacraments as a means of transformation: Meister Eckhart, the great Christian mystic, has spoken of the “birth of God in the soul”, while Carl Gustav Jung has named the archetype of the “devine child”. Meditating the Christmas Mystery is part of our approach of getting into contact with our Soulchild. The Baptism is the ritual of recovering the innocent child from alienation through the confirming of our True Self.

The Buddhist approach of “feeding the demons” is similar to the way Jesus dealt with dark energies occupying human souls. At his last supper he fed the traitor, the doubter, and the denier. The Eucharist is the ritual of integrating those parts of us that we ourselves call “evil”. By feeding us (including our “demons”) the bread-giver, Jesus, initiates wholeness.

Andreas Ebert


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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