Sex, power and money are such controversial topics that they are usually kept in the dark yet they enter into all aspects of life. These three hot button issues form the majority of conflicts in relationships. Who is in control and makes the decisions? What happens with the money? How do we negotiate sex and sexual attraction? Ideas about these questions differ based on Enneagram Type and Instinct. Values and how we think about sex, power and money change as we evolve, adding dimension to the Enneagram through Levels of Consciousness.

Explore your own beliefs about sex, power and money in this multi-dimensional, interactive, provocative session on how these issues play out through Enneagram Type, Instinct and across evolutionary Levels of Consciousness (Spiral Dynamics). Experience how sex, power and money can create conflict in your relationships when left unspoken and how to create greater connection, trust and intimacy through honesty and transparency about needs, wants and desires around sex, power and money. Transform your relationships through transforming yourself.

Dr. Deborah Ooten is a pioneer in research pairing the Enneagram with Spiral Dynamics. She joins with Beth O’Hara who has studied and applied the Enneagram and Spiral Dynamics in depth.

Deborah Ooten
Beth O’Hara


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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