Sefer Hasidim (The Book of the Pious) a twelfth century mystical text, speaks of entering the Dream World as one would a foreign land. Just as the inhabitants there might try to converse with us through sign language, so our dreams communicate through images and signs. Ours is the task to try to understand the language and the messages they convey.

The assumptions of modern dream work include:

All characters envisioned in our dreams are actually facets of ourselves

Even when their images seem foreboding, our dreams come to us for our healing and wholeness

Dreams come to inform us about aspects of our lives we do not consciously know

By calling upon the insights of modern psychology, contemporary neuro-science and the ancient mystical tradition of Kabalah, we will try to gain a clearer understanding of the role dreams play in our lives. We will call upon the wisdom of the Enneagram to help us identify those shadow and complementary energies that our dreams are calling us to acknowledge and embrace. Through Dream Mapping, Active Imagination and a participating in a model Dream Group we will explore how we can better understand our dreams and open the channels which the Talmud refers to as “… unopened letters from Gd.”

Howard Avruhm Addison


2014 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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