EnneaMotion: A Taste of Type – Andrea IsaacsAndrea Turq flower top

EnneaMotion, an experiential approach to learning the Enneagram, is the closest we can get to finding out what it’s like to “walk in someone else’s shoes.” Experiencing the energy of the different types gives us insight and increased compassion — it is also key to developing empathy. Additionally, we can actually change the brain by creating new neural pathways which allow us to embody the best qualities of all the types. It’s an easy-to-use and natural way to increase emotional intelligence and find greater wholeness and joy. We’ll go in depth with one type, and have an opportunity for a lighter taste of all nine. This program will be accompanied by live music as we experience “A Taste of Type.” Participants in the past said they not only learned, but left feeling “jubilant.” Join us for a time of joyful exploration.


For more info, write [email protected] or go to www.EnneaMotion.com