“The Enneagram for Teens. Building Character” – Elizabeth WageleLiz Wagele

Seeing the 9 types of teens in person, hearing how they experience life, will help us understand how best to nurture them. I want to ask them: “How much time do you spend doing what you want vs what others want you to do?” The Enneagram inspires us to think about things like that.

Teens need the Enneagram and I’m sure they want you to come hear them.

In the words of former teacher and present Enneagram expert, Clarence Thomson, “Elizabeth Wagele has established herself as an Enneagram authority with her earlier publications. Her Enneagram Made Easy is my standard recommendation for the book to read for a client or student who wants to start looking into the Enneagram. Her new book, Enneagram for Teens, is, as expected, clear and accurate in the Enneagram categories. It is a lot more than just clear, though. It is a really helpful educational tool.”