Yoga Nine Ways – Debi Saraswati Lewis Debi Saraswati Lewis

The ultimate goal of Yoga is to let go of our identification with constantly changing thoughts, bringing awareness to our true nature, Joy. The challenge is that our most deeply engrained mental habits are so close we often don’t recognize them.  The Enneagram gives us the means of recognizing these limiting habits, while Yoga gives us the tools to find balance and presence in mind, body and Spirit. Based on Riso-Hudson’s insight that working with the Unused Center is an avenue to transformation, this class will give participants the opportunity to experience balancing the Centers. Through a variety of yoga postures, movements and breathing techniques, everyone will come away with a toolbox of simple grounding, heart opening and mind calming practices, with details for each Type. We will also do some work with the Instincts, with partner and group yoga. No yoga experience or mats required.

Debi Saraswati Lewis, E-RYT 500, Owner of Joyflow Yoga

Author of:Yoga Nine Ways: Awakening to Source with the Enneagram and Yoga


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