9-Rhythms: Dancing the Enneagram Cycle of Change – Eric Lyleson Eric

Gabrielle Roth founded a conscious dance practice called 5Rhythms.  Participants dance their way through a wave of five musical rhythms that correlate to basic rhythms of life.

The Enneagram can serve as a map of the nine phases of a cycle of change that is universal and is found in all living systems (what Dan Siegel, MD calls the River of Integration).  People suffer within their Enneagram fixations when they fear change and try to hold onto a fixed sense of themselves identified with one of the nine phases rather than joining the cosmic dance of life.

The core assets of each Enneatype are what everyone draws upon naturally to move through the corresponding phase of change.  Through improvisational dance similar to 5Rhythms you will embody these essential qualities and explore how they naturally help you embrace your evolving nature.

Eric Lyleson, MA,


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