From Darkness to Light – Using the Core Transformation Model on Enneagram-Specific Issues Stephanie Davis

Core Transformation is an NLP process where negative states and self-defeating behaviors become doorways to abiding peace and bliss. You will be discover and access the positive intentions behind your worst thoughts, habits, behaviors and “stuck states”, leading to a deep awareness where lasting change can occur quickly and naturally.

Unwanted habits, fear, procrastination, anger, frustration, lack of self-confidence, etc. often unravel and dissolve in one session. For more deeply entrenched patterns, you’ll walk away with a tool that can be used to peel back the layers until you reach complete freedom

Stephanie Davis is a certified Professional Speaker (20 years), a certified and accredited Enneagram Teacher (teaching it for 17 years) and a certified Master Trainer of NLP (25 years). She is licensed by the originators of Core Transformation.

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