The Nine Keys to Parenting – Tracy Tresidder, Margaret Loftus, and Jacqui Pollock Traci, Margaret, Jacqui

Parenting is a multi-faceted job, and we believe there are nine fundamental components to supporting your child to become their best selves.

Join three Australian Parent Coaches at the IEA Conference in San Francisco explore not only the nine Enneagram styles, but also how they can be applied to real life family situations by using the nine keys to unlock your child’s potential. The nine keys give a more complete view from the perspectives of the nine Enneagram domains and how they can be applied to real life.  They must be present and operating for each child to survive and thrive and if one or more is missing their ability to flourish is greatly impeded.

Discover how your Enneagram type influences your parenting style, how to enhance your well- being as a parent, reduce stress in family relationships and how to support your children to develop greater levels of self mastery.

Tracy Tresidder:

Margaret Loftus:

Jacqui Pollock: