State of the IEA

January, 2015

IEA Membership:  The IEA currently has over 1,800 members worldwide with 825 IEA Global members and over 1,000 members through our International Affiliates and local US Chapters.

IEA Conferences:

Global Conference:  Over 400 people attended last year’s IEA Global Conference in San Francisco and we’re sure to have as many or more back there for this year’s conference, July 30 – August 2.  (You won’t want to miss this year’s conference, so register now if you haven’t already!)

2014 Regional Conferences:  In addition, there were two well-attended IEA Regional Conferences in 2014 – a European Conference hosted by IEA Portugal, and a Latin American Conference hosted by IEA Brazil.

2015 IEA European Conference:  This year, the European Conference will take place in Copenhagen, September 4-6, and will be jointly hosted by our Nordic Affiliates: Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden:

2015 IEA Latin American Conference:  This year’s Latin American Conference will be hosted by IEA Argentina and will take place in Buenos Aires, November 6-8.

IEA Accreditation:  The IEA Accreditation Program growing with 87 Accredited Professionals, 6 Accredited Training Programs, and 8 Accredited Schools.

Financials:  The IEA is financially sound, operating solidly in the “black” for the past three years.

IEA’s “Working” Board:

Your IEA Board is very much a “working” Board.  It’s currently comprised of ten Board members, each with specific roles and responsibilities.

IEA’s Officers are:

President:  Lynda Roberts

Past-President:  Maria Jose Munita

Vice President:  Peter McNab

Secretary:  Angie Arendt

Treasurer:  Juan Antonio Martinez

We are organized by Task Groups which oversee and evolve our programs and operation.  Current Task Groups and Task Group Leaders are as follows:

Member Services Programs

Annual Global Conference:  Kathryn Grant

International Affairs: Peter McNab

Accreditation: Maria Jose Munita

Nine Points:  Curt Micka

Journal: Peter McNab

Book Publishing:  Patrick Kayrooz

Sustainability and Support Programs

Membership:  Curt Micka

Marketing/Branding:  Patrick Kayrooz

Financial Management:  Juan Antonio

Information Technology:  Earl Wagner

Knowledge Management:  Lynda Roberts

Nominating Committee: Peter McNab