Enneagram in Motion by Lila LiebermanLila Lieberman

Our body responds to the story we tell ourselves. Using music, movement and facilitation we embody the Enneagram in this presentation, and move with the wisdom of this map. We experience the essence and rhythm of each type – from it’s highest gifts through to the most contracted expression of personality. We then travel along the paths of integration as we dance the journey toward health.

As our body reflects our movement towards health it creates a pathway, making it easier for our mind and behaviour to follow.

Exploring the types in a rhythmical way allows us deep insight into parts of our story that only our body can reveal. It is also a powerful way to have a subjective experience of the other types, inviting deeper compassion and understanding.

Embodying change deepens the learning, accelerates our development, and is a wonderful way to grow.

Lila Lieberman is an Integral coach and group facilitator, with a background in Transpersonal Psychology and Philosophy. She has been working in the field of personal development and holistic health for eighteen years. Initiated in the indigenous practice of traditional healing in South Africa, she integrates ceremony and movement into her professional practice.

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