What is your name?
Brian Mitchell-Walker

Where were you born?
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (north of Toronto)

Where do you live?

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

What do you do?

I wear several hats. I primarily work as a life coach, and my “tag line” is “For people who want to meet everyday challenges with an open heart.” I’m ICF certified and I coach individuals, teams, couples and families.

In addition, I’m a consultant/coach for The Edge, a network for new ministry development. I work with congregations who want to renew their mission or support the beginning of a new ministries.¬† I work with both ministry personnel and lay people to increase their capacity for presence within their leadership.

What is your role of the IEA Board?

I support the Board’s Membership work and I primarily work with a team of Board members and others to re-envision and re-create the IEA’s website.

Tell us a little about what you do on the Board

In addition to what I’ve mentioned, I bring a Canadian perspective to the IEA Board.

Why are you involved with the IEA Board?

I strongly believe in the importance of sharing information and experiences about the Enneagram in a variety of cultures and contexts.   I am excited by the variety of directions and paths that are being developed around the world and how we can get a taste of this in the work of the IEA and their Global and Regional Conferences. I want to be part of this process and supportive of it in whatever way I can.

What was your first experience of the Enneagram?

My initial experience wasn’t positive. The workshops I went to in Saskatchewan focused on dealing with others based on their types – rather than focusing what was my reactions were based on my own type.¬† I saw participants at these workshops using the Enneagram as a weapon to put down other’s behavior (and wallow within their own type).

Later I read The Wisdom of the Enneagram with my Spiritual Director and I saw how the Enneagram was a path to open my heart. My work supported me to begin training with the Enneagram Institute and then I just couldn’t get enough.

Tell us a little about who you have trained with.

I’m a certified teacher with the Enneagram Institute. I’m a Nine Domains Facilitator. I’m a graduate of the Deep Coaching Institute and I’ve done extensive training with Andrea Isaacs using somatic focussing and the Enneagram. I use all of this training extensively in my coaching work.

What is your most useful/interesting/amusing/compelling use of the Enneagram?

I started using the Enneagram wholly for my own personal and spiritual growth.¬† As a parent ¬†and with two adopted children who each have special needs, the Enneagram has helped me with stay present through some tough situations and it has helped me tremendously with our family dynamics. I’m identify with Type 3, my husband is with Type 9, and my oldest son with Type 6. So I’ve really come to see and understand the dynamics of the Inner Triangle and how all three of us dance amongst these three lines . ¬†As I coach different family configurations, and as I work with teams and organizations I use the Harmonics a lot – I have seen big shifts when all three approaches to a problem are given intention.

What do the words “Engagement,” “Education‚Äö” and “Excellence‚Äö” mean to you?

For me, all three words are a continuing call to presence. Each is about how to peel another layer to get closer to our true essence. “Engagement” stands out for me because with education alone, we can get lost in our Type – the information can get us stuck in our heads. Engagement is about exploring all of who we are -as we access the¬† best of all 9 Types within ourselves. It’s about movement and stillness together. Again, paradox.

How do you see the future of the Enneagram?

It’s about going deeper. Moving beyond our dominant Type to explore a variety of aspects of the Enneagram System within ourselves, within cultures, and organization – all of it to bring us into the reality of this moment through awareness.¬† For me, the Enneagram of spirituality and personality are one in the same. ¬†We can do a variety of different things as we create a holding for this.¬† Both personality and spirituality are connected to the paradox of our instinctual centre – as we desire both autonomy and connection.

How do you see the future of the IEA?

The future is about learning what’s happening elsewhere, in other countries. I’m excited about helping to expose others to the work of those outside of North America. Again, it’s a call to presence, to the reality of what’s happening in this moment globally. Sometimes I think those of us in North America need to talk less and listen more to really take in all that is happening within this Enneagram World!