Change Your Enneagram Style – Well, not completely, but using Modeling methods from NLP you can deeply enter the subjective experience of other people and their Enneagram styles. The purpose is to discover what it’s like to be someone else – especially when they are at their best – and to acquire some of their strengths in the process. Modeling is what children do with adults and what adults do with role models and mentors. NLP makes this into an explicit, easy-to follow process that helps you learn deeply from the examples of others. Applied to the Enneagram, Modeling allows you to acquire the attitudes and capacities of different Enneagram styles and make them your own. You can model “alien” Enneagram styles, ones that appeal to you or baffle you. You can also model the high side of a style related to yours – wings and so-called stress and security points – to more fully develop resources that are already within you. Tom will demonstrate and guide you through the process, which most people find fascinating, surprising and enjoyable. Modeling is especially useful for coaches, counselors, therapists, trainers – anyone looking to grow and change or expand their understanding of Enneagram styles. Come and discover how the other 8/9th lives…

Tom Condon


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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