The Enneagram community has embraced Clare Graves’ Model of Human Development (also known as Spiral Dynamics(TM)), but there are many misconceptions about the model, which is often taught in a simplistic way. We all know of the subtleties that lie within the Enneagram, and the same is true of the Clare Graves’ model; just as people are not merely types, so they are not merely colours. In this workshop, we shall be exploring all of the worldviews identified by Clare Graves in his work with over a thousand students, from an Enneagram Type perspective. You will discover that you are not one colour but a blend of colours that shift and change depending on context. You will also have the opportunity to have an embodied experience of each worldview, and its underlying motivation, and learn how to recognise which is the most useful to in any particular situation.

This workshop is based on over twenty years of experience working with both of these models with individuals and within organizations; come and learn from Peter McNab, the certified Spiral Dynamics Practitioner who introduced the model to Ken Wilber in 1995.

Peter McNab


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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