What are the present challenges in educational and vocational guidance ? The previous model of choice, based on school results and skills, is completely overtaken. The scientific validation of an instrument based on the Enneagram since 2008 has opened new perspectives. The HPEI has been cross-referenced with existing tools and the Enneagram turned out to be the missing piece, not only through the 9 Types but also through the Subtypes/Instincts. It’s now used at a large scale in Belgium and taught at the university. Our experience in a small country could be widened to others.

We `ll share the 9 key success factors of a credibility based approach to the 3 centers of intelligence :

Instinctual credibility based on the experience of acting with the enneagram with different clients, in different contexts, on different topics Emotional credibility based on a viral and progressive expansion from the first circle of early adopters to a whole educational system Mental credibility based on research, publications, conferences, presentations, mostly in the direction of people working outside the world of the Enneagram.

The presentation will also use the 3 centers of intelligence, with a balance between:

1. Experiencing live some tools of vocational guidance

2. Sharing emotional ups and downs during the process

3. Discussing some results of researches crossing the Enneagram and other useful models.

Philippe Halin


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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