As a team interacts, individuals on the team naturally use different parts of their Enneagram-style and instinctual stacking. Participants will explore a new Competencies of Teams model based on integral theory, the influence of Enneagram styles and the instincts on teamwork, and Robert Kegan’s “Immunity to Change” principles. This model is based on two decades of work with teams in in Europe and North America and draws on James Flaherty’s work on: coaching people at developmentally-appropriate levels and helping people cultivate the right competencies to support their continued journey of personal development.

This last point is key because many Enneagram programs bypass step-wise competency development to “move up the levels.” People long to learn more about “how to practice” (e.g., how to be more present, how to be more sensitive to others, how to recover from reactivity). This work has been popular with teams, who are persistently asked to do things they have not gained the right competencies to succeed at.

This is the first time this material is being presented at an IEA Conference. The presentation will be highly interactive and participants will gain a deeper understanding of how Enneagram-styles, instincts, and team competencies affect the capacity to respond to emerging conditions.

Flemming Christensen


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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