How do we access ourselves in the place where we have built such strong defenses with early neuro-pathway tracks protecting us from harm or danger, perceived or real? ~Can we recognize the part of ourselves that became hidden behind these very effective defensive patterns reinforced by repetition? ~What is the way to reconnect with this aspect of self that therefore was separated from our awareness and experience? ~Can the new developments in neuro-science verify Three Centered Awareness? ~What is the role of the “descent” in transformation?

This presentation will focus on taking a closer look at the ancient wisdom traditions and the new scientific discoveries on how the somatic underpinnings are the root cause of the obstacles to meditation, prayer and contemplation. It will address the necessity of the unpopular proposition of turning toward what is painful. The audience will be offered a combination of lecture, inner practices, somatic awareness practices and interactive exercises to illustrate the process of accessing these un- and sub-conscious aspects of the nine type structures.

Marion Gilbert


2015 IEA Global Conference

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

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