Versjon 3Essence and Ego – The Eternal Drama

The basic idea of the Enneagram model is to learn the difference between Personality and Essence. The moment we understand that we are more than our Enneagram type is the moment we understand how the Enneagram can be used as a model for personal development.

The relation between Personality and Essence is a central theme in myths, stories, theater and film – because a big part of human life is about exactly this “drama”.

Based on an analysis of literature and film we aim to give a deeper understanding of what has been described in stories through centuries: The Hero’s battle with the temptations of the outer world and with himself. This can take form as either a drama or a tragedy.

We use lecture and conversations, exercises and meditations to give you a full experience of your own inner ‘drama’ and of the way to overcome the ‘temptations’.

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