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Beyond Talking & Telling – Using the Enneagram for Conscious Communication

July 22, 2016   2016 IEA Global Conference, Audio   

Conscious Communication is a fundamental shift in how we relate to ourselves and others. Rather than acting from preconceived bias, it asks that we actively unearth unconscious fears assumptions and blocks and offer more awareness, attention and presence. It can radically (even miraculously) transform relationships, negotiations, brainstorming and intimacy.

When consciously communicating, time slows down, allowing for deeper listening and a letting go rather than a holding on (to what is already known or understood). Interaction becomes a living process as we listen from a space of stillness and presence, allowing us to really notice what is emerging and revealing itself and to reach better understanding and deeper connection. In this experiential session, you will learn:

How to use the Enneagram and other tools to recognize and uncover hidden assumptions (yours and theirs.) How to create shared purpose and intention. How to develop Conscious Conversational skills. How to avoid the traps of head, heart & gut and remain anchored in the present. How to hold on to nothing to gain everything.

Conscious communication will be most useful in relationships (both personal and professional) but the general principles can easily apply to writing, social media communication and marketing.

Stephanie Davis


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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