We’re excited to share with you the connections we’ve discovered between the Enneagram’s centers of intelligence and the energetic vitality of essential oils: We call it EnneaEssentials. The parallels between the worlds of center-wisdom and plant-wisdom support truly transformative internal conversation. Join us and discover, for example, how essential oils drawn from Roses, Geraniums, & Jasmine flowers, open and enlarge our heart space while supporting the growth of our compassion for ourselves, for others, and for our universe.

We’ll ask participants to consider how strategically stimulating the body’s olfactory response provides sensory opportunities for greater awareness. We’ll offer some of the findings of brain-based research & educational learning dynamics and then reframe an aroma’s journey using enneagram centers’ language as a vehicle for underscoring their parallels.

Highlights of the workshop will include opportunities to participate in a “sniffathon”, journal responses, and a guided meditation entitled: “Coming to Our Senses.” You will be guided/invited to a more body-grounded, heart-opened, mind-quieted state by prompting a conversation between the intelligence of the plant and the intelligence of the body.

Kathleen Davis
Nan Henson


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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