Giving and receiving quality feedback is a challenge for most of us. Framing difficult feedback in a way that it can be well received is an art. Since the Enneagram gives us powerful pathways to temper our own biases and to imagine into others’ perspectives, it is an ideal framework for learning to give quality feedback. But we need more than a good framework to deliver things well.

This session will illuminate the skills and approach needed to communicate in a way that others are most likely to receive and respond to. Through lecture, discussion, experiential exercises, and type-groups, we will explore the essentials in the art of giving feedback. We will share which approaches work best with people of each enneatype, and understand the strengths and pitfalls of each type’s default approach. Walk away with great content you can readily apply in your personal and professional lives

Sarah Walston


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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