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“The Language of Life” for Transforming Conversations

July 22, 2016   2016 IEA Global Conference, Audio   

Bring your familiarity of your Enneagram type to link up with the principles and skill-set of Nonviolent Communication (“The Language of Life”). Through experiential exercises and discussion groups, participants will learn and apply NVC approaches to communication, including our inner language about our self. This session will explore the dynamic blend of the Enneagram and NVC, including:

understanding and compassion for self and others, the influence of core needs and values on communication between individuals of different Types, how the NVC “mind model” can bring clarity for any Enneagram Type, and the utility of NVC skills for transforming our conversations, meeting our goals, and living our essence.

The Enneagram helps us observe our patterns and strategies, including the “healthy” and “unhealthy” aspects of our type. The principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) build on this awareness, enabling us to connect with others despite our differences. With practice and integration, NVC supports skillful communication honoring our needs and values as well as those of others in all of our interactions.

Jean Morrison


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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