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Transformational Training: Teaching the Enneagram with Mastery

July 22, 2016   2016 IEA Global Conference, Audio   

This practical “how-to” conversation is about using your type strengths, while allowing the vibrancy of your true nature to infuse your teaching. You will learn how to bring more presence and grounding in all 3 centers to your teaching, and how to design your classes to meet the needs of all 3 centers. You will learn to maximize your training strengths and identify one training blind spot for each type. The concept of how to intentionally bring your virtue to each training will be introduced. Included in this presentation:

A conversation with a panel of seasoned Enneagram teachers from each center sharing how they create classes where

transformation can take place.

Experiential exercises and modeling of principles taught. How to expand your effectiveness by incorporating the strengths of your harmony triangle points in your teaching. A list of simple ways to teach to each center.* Learnings from my biggest Enneagram teaching mistakes and how to avoid them.* Hand-outs of training strengths and areas for development of each type.* Opportunity to commit to action steps to enhance your Enneagram teaching.

* From my book: “Teaching the Enneagram with Mastery” (forthcoming, 2016)

Anne Muree


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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