This workshop provides greater clarity, confidence, connection and vitality in your relational communi-cations. Each Enneatype hears and understands key words and communications in their own special way. We provide effective and practical communication tools that enhance personal and professional relationships.

Mastering communications involves more than the accuracy of your words. Clear awareness of how a “type” perceives words allows one to choose a style of communication that best fits. Effective communi-cation also requires understanding our own “type” motivations; how type impacts our perceptions and presentation. We examine the most common communication pitfalls regardless of gender, culture, or religion.

You will experience the presenter’s use of personal and cultural examples, and role playing. Participants will have interactive exercises individually and in pairs. There will be a section focusing on close relation-ships, with volunteer participation from one or more couples in the audience, in using the enneagram to create healthier communications. It will not be a therapy session. Practical presentation of how to pre-sent ideas and concepts, to motivate and best support your partner, child, parent through skills that are fun and make sense when dealing with close relationships.

Barbara Dash
Richard Dash


2016 IEA Global Conference

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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