IEA European Conference

22nd – 24th September, 2017, in Helsinki, Finland

Welcome to the 2017 IEA European Enneagram Conference hosted by IEA Finland. The theme of the conference is REFLECTIONS, referring to the processes of understanding and growth that the Enneagram as a tool facilitates. It also reminds us of the many mirrors that we can hold for each other. This Conference is an opportunity for self-reflection as well as connecting with the international Enneagram community.

As keynote speaker, we are honored to welcome IEA founder Dr. Jerry Wagner, and as endnote speaker IEA Finland founder Leila Valtonen. More details will be found on the conference website.

A call for presenters is now open with submissions due January 15th. Details can be found on the conference website. (see above)

Hoping you will join us in September in Helsinki!

With enthusiasm,

IEA Finland