Happy New Year to you from all of us here at IEA Colorado! I hope you joined us for our holiday social at Capital Tea in December. We are all looking ahead to a bright and growth filled 2017. Here is what is coming up:

IEA Colorado Winter Workshop- Exploring Your Enneagram Type
Saturday January 14th, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
The Refuge, 6900 W. 117th Avenue, #200, Broomfield CO

Please join us for a day long workshop using panels of the nine Enneagram types being interviewed to teach and inform those new to the Enneagram as well as veteran Enneagram users.
The panel system provides the opportunity to learn about each type by listening to and observing how each type responds to various questions about their personal experience with their type and with the Enneagram.
It will be a fascinating experience for all!
Members: $35
Non Members: $50
Join as a member and get the workshop: $50
Go to for the latest information and to register- registration closes January 8th.

Announcing the IEA Enneagram Services Directory:

Do you have an Enneagram related product or service that you would like others to know about? Introducing IEA Colorado’s Enneagram Services Directory, a free-to-members benefit that will showcase your offerings on our website. The directory will be comprised of teachers, speakers, consultants, coaches, therapists, and any other who uses the Enneagram in their work (coming early 2017).

Interested? Please email Diana Allen at [email protected] to get started.

Boulder Programs:
Tuesday January 17th, 2017, 7-9 p.m. Alfalfa’s Market 1651 Broadway, Boulder CO 80302
Topic: Improv With the Enneagram
Presenter: Renee Rosario

We will be doing Enneagram improv! Don’t miss this very fun evening led by Ren√©e Rosario as we take our selves lightly playing with improv. This will be exponentially more fun the more people we have to participate so please join us if you can. (You do not have to participate if you just want to watch, so no pressure.) All curious souls welcome.

Denver/Englewood Programs:
New Permanent Location!
Capital Tea, 1450 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80210
Wednesday January 18th 6:30-8:30 p.m. Capital Tea, 1450 S. Broadway, Denver CO 80210
Topic: Naming and Claiming the Gifts of Your Enneagram Type
Presenter: Shani Jones
While our core Enneagram type shares commonality with all others of the same type, when we consider our broader type including strongest head, heart and body centers, our individual style and gifts emerge with more clarity.

We’ll look at one way to represent your more personalized Enneagram style using a word cloud of descriptors representing your strengths.You will leave with a tool for naming and claiming these traits with intention– helping you bring the best You to each situation both personally and professionally.

If you can, come prepared with your core type and the strongest number you have in each of the other centers. Eg. 2 is my heart center and core type, 1 is my next highest number and is body center, 5 is my next highest number and is a head center. My complete type, then, is 215.

While there is no specific test for “complete type” this test will give you the information you need to discover that more accurately. If you are going to take the test, you can access the link at:¬†

There is a $10 fee to access the link and that is paid directly to the assessment center, it is not a fee of the ILC. The self-assessment takes about an hour to complete, and the results will be emailed to you immediately. If you email me a copy of your results ahead of time it will help me to tailor the information for the members of our group and I would appreciate having that–however, that is not required! In any case, please bring the results with you. We will unpack the Enneagram types in a way that will allow you to resonate with certain types and to self-type yourself in class. However, the pre-assessment has much more detailed information which you may find helpful in this level II class, even if you opted not to take it for your introductory Enneagram class. The pre-assessment is not a requirement, simply an invitation.

Interested in joining IEA Colorado?
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Jan Shegda
IEA Colorado
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