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January, 2017

Greetings from Minneapolis…

It’s cold here! But human connection is always heartwarming and my hope is that as we connect and share with each other, we might spread more warmth across the planet.

So to begin… I’m honored that the IEA Board has placed its confidence in me to lead/guide the organization for the next two years. It’s an honor that I hope I can live up to. I’ll certainly try.

I have several priorities that I intend to bring to the Board meeting in San Antonio in early February and then share with all of you. One I can share now is my commitment to more communication between the Board and IEA members. I’m planning to share with you a monthly letter and I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas, hopes, and disappointments with me. In addition, we are in the process of developing a survey that will be sent to present and former members and members of our Affiliates and Chapters who aren’t members of the IEA within the next few weeks. We want to know how we can better serve you!

BUT for now, I want to talk about the July, 2017 IEA Global Conference in San Antonio. I’m excited about the Conference and I want to share the source of my excitement with you.

I’ve heard countless times “Ok, I know my dominant Enneagram Type/Point. Now what? How can it help me?”

Well, the 2017 Global Conference is all about practices that impact our body/gut, heart, and head centers in ways that allow transformation to occur. This is work that we all need to do to be more present, loving, and impactful in a world that needs transformative agents in its midst. It’s work that we need to do personally as professionals and it’s work that we can share and offer to our clients.

I’m excited about the speakers that we have recruited for our Pre-conference Day – Philip Shepherd and Sheva Carr; our Keynote Speaker, Sandra Maitri; our¬†Sunday¬†morning Conference integration session with Terry Saracino; and our EndNote Speaker, Marika Borg.

And San Antonio… what can I say? Yes, it will be warm. Ok, maybe hot. But not humid. ¬†Our hotel is right on the River Walk, which is not only beautiful, but cooler. San Antonio is not just Tex-Mex and the Alamo. It has a thriving arts scene, great restaurants, several historical missions recognized as UNESCO sites, great music, and we will be offering tours to wineries, Austin, and more.

So register now. Before the January 15th Early Bird Registration has come and gone. Join us in exploration, fun, and friendship.

And again, in February, I will be talking about what the IEA Board is up to and changes that you will see forthcoming.

Stay tuned and let me hear from you. You can reach me at¬†[email protected].

Best wishes for everyone as we continue our common journey…