What’s your name?

Jan Shegda

Where were you born?

Chicago, IL

Where do you live?

Denver, CO currently but relocating shortly to Los Angeles, CA

What do you do?

I am a career coach and consultant supporting my clients to step into their ideal career fit and best job performance. I also work with companies in leadership development, speaking and training. I use the Enneagram as well as the MBTI and StrengthsFinder in my work. Another big part of what I do is support the IEA Colorado Chapter as it grows into its 3rd year!

What is your role of the IEA Board?

I am the Global Conference Co-Chair (also known as Belinda Gore’s assistant/partner/eager apprentice!)

Tell us a little about what you do on the Board?

Currently my time and effort is centered around the details of the conference and making sure everything is ready to go. One project I am focused on right now is the creation of an engagement committee to make the Global Conference even more welcoming, hospitable and fun for all types.

Why are you involved with the IEA Board?

There is so much fantastic Enneagram work and thought out there in the world and it is so important to have a place where different voices can collaborate, debate and ultimately grow together The IEA is an essential playground where we can all practice what we preach and embrace growth and diversity. I hope to do my part!

What was your first experience of the Enneagram?

A colleague once insisted to me that the Enneagram was more profound and useful than the MBTI. I insisted that she must be wrong about that and challenged her to a comparison of the two systems. I was immediately converted (and I haven’t lived it down!).

Tell us a little about who you have trained with?

Primarily I have trained with Jerry Wagner and I use his WEPSS assessment in my work. I am a voracious reader though and I consider every manner of Enneagram teacher my personal mentor through their writing and speaking.

What is your most useful/interesting/amusing/compelling use of the Enneagram?

I love working with the instincts- specifically to integrate them more fully into the work we do.

What do the words “Engagement”, “Education” and “Excellence” mean to you?

Engagement: we meet each other where we are. Education: we seek to inform and increase our knowledge and wisdom. Excellence: we insist upon a higher standard.

How do you see the future of the Enneagram?

I hope in the future the Enneagram will be increasingly widespread and particularly to people in early stages of development as they are discerning their life’s purpose. My work is an expression of that hope – offering a tool of awareness for others as they are at important crossroads along the path.

How do you see the future of the IEA?

Personally I would be overjoyed to see the IEA develop even more into an organization where people say- “those folks are really warm and kind, but most importantly they walk the talk”.