“The Living Enneagram”
Presenter: Joseph Benton Howell, Ph.D.
The Institute for Conscious Being ( theicb.org)

Albert Einstein said ” No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

The Living Enneagram is composed of nine real people who sit in the configuration of the nine points, and assume the conscious position of each Enneagram type.  After introductory remarks by the presenter and a short instructional film on the subject, people volunteer to be on the Living Enneagram and an Inquirer from the audience is selected.

The Inquirer asks of The Living Enneagram, a question regarding a problem of their choosing, on an individual, national and/or global level. Answers are delivered by the nine people representing each type’s Virtues or Holy Ideas. The Inquirer is then interviewed by the presenter as to whether or not the collective answers from the Enneagram, opened them to higher ordered solutions and perspectives or not. And if so, how so. Previous results have been astounding.