“Writing Your Enneagram Journey”

Presenter: Melanie Bell

We all have stories about who we are, shaped by our personality and experiences, which influence our behavior. In this presentation, we’ll identify the story we’ve been living and explore ways of creatively rewriting to uncover new possibilities for ourselves. We’ll unearth our personal narratives through writing and discussion, delving into our sense of self, obstacles we’ve faced, and ways our stories have helped us. We’ll also learn the archetypal growth journeys of the nine Enneagram types. Each type follows a distinctive “hero’s journey” with a protagonist, obstacles, and a path toward expansion.

Drawing inspiration from our type’s journey of growth, we’ll use storytelling prompts to move beyond our limiting narratives and write a new journey for ourselves. Who could you be if you were more than a character in your life story? Bring your writing materials to this creative sharing session and find out!