Somatic Focusing and the Enneagram

Are we allowing the full range of our human experience? How would our experience of each precious moment be enhanced if we could develop our capacity for greater embodied presence through sensory awareness? The body speaks in sensation; our thoughts, emotions, and even our ideas begin as sensory experience in the body. It is an important part of our early human development to categorize our sensory experience into recognizable response patterns as our language and cognitive abilities develop.

Through narrowing of our sensory experience, we learn to recognize, label and respond to our early experiences of Love, Joy, Anger, Fear. Over time we only experience the more patterned sensations associated with these labels. As our sensory abilities narrow, so does our capacity to respond to life from a broader field of depth, and presence. We often fall into habitual reactions which may not be in alignment with what is occurring in the present moment.

Devon and Brian invite you to notice the next time you are triggered how quickly you label the trigger with an emotion or thought rather than allow the full sensory experience. This workshop will explore how to stay present with the sensations of the body (the intelligence of our belly center) to access our full experience of any moment. With this increased capacity to stay present, participants will observe personal patterns in their sensory reactions connected to their Enneagram Type. Come and play with Brian and Devon.

Devon Carter, ACC, CMT, and Brian Mitchell-Walker, ACC, B. Ed., became Certified Deep Coaching Professionals together and are both IEA Accredited Professionals. Devon also is Certified Leadership Embodiment Associate, with 35 years as a Somatic Therapist and Teacher. Brian is a Certified Teacher with the Enneagram Institute, and a Reiki professional, with 30 years teaching experience.

Brian and Devon’s approach invites participants to deepen their presence, and discover their wisdom through their full sensed experienced – coming home to where they have always been embodied in this moment.