The Enneagram in the Real World

I’ve heard some people say that the study of the Enneagram is either too heady, too esoteric, or too other-worldly. That it’s not really “of the world”.

But I’m also more and more aware of people who are using the Enneagram “in the world” to effectuate incredible transformation and healing.

There’s Monica Tinoco in Mexico City who is using the Enneagram in working with young girls who have been rescued from the streets of the city; Jane Strong who is using her knowledge of the Enneagram to facilitate her work with veterans with PTSD as they engage in equine therapy; Joe Howell, who is looking to use the Enneagram in Selma, Alabama with business and economic development leaders to move from fear to courage, shame to love, and anger to serenity;¬†Tod Tappert, who has introduced the Enneagram to nearly a thousand health care professionals and executives in¬†a large health system in South Carolina to help them become more conscious leaders; and Susan Olesek with the Enneagram Prison Project who is using the Enneagram to help prisoners gain insight into their habits of behavior so that the behaviors that resulted in them being incarcerated are not repeated.

These are just a few of our members, and I know that there are many, many more examples of people worldwide using their knowledge of the Enneagram to effectuate change in the ‘real’ world. I and the IEA Board would love to hear from others who are using the Enneagram in innovative, creative, and impactful ways. Tell us your story and we will post something about it on the IEA Nine Points website.

So let’s not forget that our study of the Enneagram facilitates truly amazing transformations in the world.

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Curt Micka, President IEA Board of Directors

[email protected]

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